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On this tour you will be introduced to two of Canada’s northernmost territories, the Yukon and the Northwest Territories.


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8 Days
The Northwest Passage represents the pinnacle of Arctic exploration.


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17 Days
The Artic is one of the most remote regions in the world and as such visiting is a magical experience. This northernmost region is a landscape that few have the opportunity to visit and thus is an untouched frozen beauty. The vistas viewed on a tour to this region are those of wide-open frozen tundra’s, glaciers, icebergs and of course the famous Northern Lights. While this region is largely untouched by man a tour to this region will be an opportunity to view the heartiest of animals as well the native peoples who have maintained much of their traditional lifestyle thanks to their remote home.

Northwest Territories
Embark on a magical Northern Adventure in the Northwest Territories. View awesome displays of Northern Lights at midnight in autumn and winter. Drive across the Arctic Circle to the amazing Mackenzie Delta, on the Dempster Highway for a stunning journey and to experience a true Ice Road. Hike in a National Park at the top of the world, where caribou spend the summer. Canoe a wild northern river few have ever seen.
Drive along the uncrowded roads and marvel at the wildlife. Wildlife, wood bison, moose and bears, can be spotted right from the highway. And rare birds from across the Americas nest here each summer.

Nunavut is a little heard known gem within Canadas north as it is the newest, largest and northern most territory in Canada. This is a pristine Artic Landscape that is remote and thus sparsely travelled meaning that visitors to this beautiful Territory are treated to a unique and authentic experience. It comprises on most of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago and provides visitors with spectacular vistas of the frozen tundra’s, glaciers, wildlife and the northern lights.
Visitors to this region are treated to a warm welcome despite the frigid local because they are so infrequent, thus they will have a truly immersive experience from capital Iqaluit on Baffin Island to the largest uninhabited Island of Devon Island. Throughout the visit travellers will have the opportunity to view wildlife as well as learning about the native people by visiting heritage centers and important sites. Cruising through the Northwest Passage and visiting the Islands that comprise it allows for a truly encompassing exploration of this stunning region in the world.

Greenland is perhaps one of the most misleading names given to a destination as it is autonomous constitutional country of the Kingdom of Denmark that is located between the Artic and Atlantic Oceans. This northern most geographical destination means that it is a frigid Island whose most distinguishing feature is its frozen landscape. It is this cold climate that creates the beautiful scenery a visitor to Greenland is treated with. It is a land full of stark and sheer beauty with the wide frozen vistas comprised of tundra’s and glaciers.
While visiting Greenland travellers are treated to the sights of open landscapes largely full of mountains and Icebergs that are untouched by people but is perfect for wildlife viewing such as seals, dovekies and more! Cruising along the one of Greenland’s Fjords will offer spectacular views of cliffs and talus slopes which are home to colonies of birds as well and astonishing Icebergs. In addition to these natural marvels Greenland offers fascinating cultural activities such as visiting the Ilulissat which is a town of artisans and longstanding Sisimiut where the ancestors of the Inuit originate. Greenland is the home of many amazing sites that is sure to intrigue any visitors.

Top 10 Things to See and Do:
• Indigenous Cultural centre situated on the banks of the Yukon River
• Arctic Circle Monument
• Inuvik to the community of Tuktoyaktuk
• Auyuittuq National Park
• Devon Island
• Sailing Peel Sound
• Wildlife viewing, even Polar Bears!
• The Coppermine River
• Beechey Island and the graves of the Franklin expedition
• Cruise along Greenland’s most spectacular fjords
• Picturesque town of Ilulissat
• UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Ilulissat Icefjord
• Whale Watching by Broughton Island
• Northern Lights
• Hike in a National Park at the top of the world.
• Drive on a true ice road.
• Guided nature tours
• Explore historical Dawson City, home of the Klondike
• Gold Panning
• Hike in Tombstone Territorial Park, on the Dempster Highway
• Visit First Nations Cultural Centers
• Enjoy the panoramas on our iconic drives

Travel Tips:
The Artic is one of the World’s most remote regions and is home to a compelling eco-destination; much of the vast and rich diverse landscape is protected. Please practice sustainable tourism. Consider the wildlife, and be bear aware as you explore the wilderness.

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