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Anderson Group Tours has over 25 years experience in the travel industry operating small group cultural and nature tours to North America, Oceania, and the South Pacific.

Anderson Group Tours is a Canadian based company that is founded on the principle that travel is more then just a vacation, it is a way to broaden your perspective as well as forming life long memories. On our tours travellers can experience other cultures and a different way of life; thus, opening their eyes to the global community. Anderson Group Tours tours also allow our travellers to engage with the natural world. North America, Oceania, and the South Pacific are all locations renowned for their natural beauty and biodiversity. These experiences are the quintessential makings of the Anderson brand.

The reason we have such a long-lasting operation, as well as loyal customers, is that all our tours are held to a high standard as well as maintaining a high value to our clients. Since we design, develop, and manage our own tours no one is more familiar with the intricacies of our product than us. When you book with us you take advantage of this first-hand knowledge, and our extensive network of contacts; you're in good hands with Anderson Group Tours. Our clients' experience while on tour is of the upmost importance to us as travel is what we love and we want to ensure that our travellers do as well. Our team at Anderson Group Tours all have the same passion and from it stems from a staggering number of years of travel experience among our office staff and Tour Leaders. This shines through in our tours and serves as a lynchpin in our successful operations.

As of 2016, Anderson Group Tours has been incorporated into the Adventures Abroad Group, a cultural tour specialist founded in 1987, whose broad network of international travel contacts and suppliers can now be leveraged to benefit our valued clients.

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