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Come and experience the many “flavours” of Quebec.

8 Days
This is a new Anderson Vacations tour that links the many flavours of Québec with the Acadian Peninsula of New Brunswick.

10 Days
Québecers have a culture that’s unique; it is deeply rooted in North America and yet fiercely proud of its French heritage, Québec is a blend of…

13 Days
An adventure designed to show you the panoramic beauty and rich cultural diversity that defines Eastern Canada.

14 Days
This expedition cruise takes travellers to islands and remote parts of Canada’s Atlantic Coast. Eastern Canada is famous for a rich and diverse…

11 Days
This tour features the highlights of Eastern Canada.

20 Days
Beginning on the wild Pacific coast we journey through the rugged Rocky Mountains, across the Golden Prairies, traverse the Great Lake region and…

22 Days
Beginning on the wild Pacific coast we journey through the rugged Rocky Mountains, across the Golden Prairies, traverse the Great Lake region and…

38 Days
Ontario and Quebec represent the heart of Canada in many ways, namely that the majority of the country live in these two provinces, it is the center of government and they represent both distinct languages and cultures that comprise Canada. Ontario is immensely important to Canadian history and it is the location of the Canadian capital, Ottawa, and the most populous city, Toronto. Ontario is a destination full of travel opportunities from its travellers to experience historic structures to the natural marvels such as Niagara Falls. Québec is also a province that is of great importance to the Canadian identity as it is predominantly French-speaking. There are two primary cities in Québec that vary greatly and are of interest to visitors. Both these cities are fascinating with their history, culture and their natural surroundings. In addition to the two primary cities in these provinces their landscapes and towns will intrigue any visitors. Any tour including either both or one of these provinces is sure to immersed the traveller in quintessential Canadian culture.

The breathtaking four-seasonal palette of Ontario's vast wilderness, endless forests and abundant wildlife, awaits. Whether you want to reconvene with nature or lose yourself in the excitement of the most multiculturally diverse and socially cohesive region on Earth, you've come to the right place. Let Ontario surprise you with the striking beauty of her scenery and welcome you with the warmth of her people.
Ontario is Canada’s largest multi-cultural and diverse province. It is no wonder that this multi-faceted province offers a plethora of cultural experiences. Discover the unique experiences, local hot spots and diverse neighbourhoods that define Ontario’s cities.

Discover Québec... an immense province that occupies the northeastern-most corner of North America, unique for its history, language and culture. A place of freedom and creativity at the crossroads of the Old and the New World, where tradition and innovation combine with contagious energy and joie de vivre! Discover an exceptional destination, four distinct seasons, an incredible natural heritage, an enriching human experience. Multi-faceted geography, diverse landscapes, vegetation and climate, and a rich history spanning five centuries, from colonial regime to the present-day challenge of maintaining the cultural vitality of this unique culture in North America!
Québec is truly a unique land in North America. Unique for its geography, its history and its culture, which together have forged its bold and exuberant identity. Simply put, Québec is warmth, absolute authenticity and intensity, all within easy reach! Summer, fall, winter and spring: the contrasting seasons bring this vast territory to life, offering you four spectacular opportunities to discover the many faces of Québec!

Top Things to See and Do:
• Visit the Plains of Abraham (Battlefields Park)
• Take a suspension bridge across St. Anne’s Canyon
• Visit Ile d’Orleans Island, also known as “Garden of Quebec”
• Discover the waterfalls of Montmorency, just a short drive from Quebec City
• Stroll through centuries-old streets, their many art galleries and museums
• Escape in the wilderness on snowmobiles, skis, snowshoes or dogsleds
• Visit Citadelle de Quebec and view remarkable sightseeing over the river
• Party at the casino and enjoy stunning music and arts festivals
• Experience great sensations in one of our three national parks
• Relax and indulge in a hotel, inn or B&B’s comfort
• Niagara Falls
• Parliament Hill in Ottawa
• Thousand Islands of the St. Lawrence River
• Stratford Shakespeare Festival
• Ontario’s Wine Route
Travel Tips:
When planning a trip to the Ontario or Quebec pack sunglasses, layers, and a camera and be prepared to enjoy every minute. In Québec, tipping is de rigueur in restaurants, bars, taxis and hair salons. The amount, which is not included in the bill, generally represents 10% to 15% of the total bill before taxes.
Canada is a country in which the tax varies from province to province. In Quebec there are two taxes—the federal goods and services tax (GST) and the Québec sales tax (QST)—are added to the selling price of most goods and services. Several tourist regions also charge a specific tax on accommodations. The amount is $2 or $3 a night, or 3% or 3.5% of the price of the room per night, before GST and QST. In Ontario there is the federal Tax (HST) which is a combined tax for provincial and national (GST) and is 13%.


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